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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Book Review: The Open Path: Recognizing Nondual Awareness by Elias Amidon

No matter what your core beliefs are, whether you believe in a higher power, God, Brahman (the absolute, ultimate reality), atman (soul, spirit, essence, eternal consciousness), that there is no separate self, or you are not aligned with any particular spiritual tradition or religion, in The Open Path: Recognizing Nondual Awareness, author Elias Amidon, offers readers insight into and pointers for recognizing pure awareness and living a selfless life. The Open Path includes:

  • Insight and pointers to the recognition and realization of pure awareness. 
  • Recognizing and releasing attachments, identification with and fixations to: thoughts, beliefs, opinions, likes/dislikes, stories, the illusion of a separate self (ego, imaginary self) which creates unnecessary separation and suffering. 
  • The recognition that by openly embracing the oneness of existence, of being, of life, the veil of separation vanishes and the suffering and conflict that was once there as a result of seeing separateness in everything—disappears.
  • Guided instruction, inquiry, exercises, meditation and prayer.

The more selfless you become, the less unnecessary suffering you will create, project and perpetuate in your life. The Open Path provides the insight and tools—pointers to pure awareness, that can be used to help identify and release the thoughts, notions, and beliefs that mask it and that create unnecessary suffering.

This book is an eye opener, especially if you are not familiar with nonduality (Advaita) or Sufism. I highly recommend it; because, not only can we all become more selfless in our lives and stop creating and projecting unnecessary suffering, but there is also so much unnecessary suffering in the world as a result of selfishness, separation, greed and the desire for power that negatively impacts our lives, our families, communities and that ultimately spreads throughout the world, that can only change when we become selfless through recognizing and releasing the mental barriers and notions that come from a conditioned mind and by living life from pure awareness, which can be realized with the insight and tools Elias has provided us with by way of this wonderful guidebook: The Open Path: Recognizing Nondual Awareness.

—Pamela J. Wells (selflessbeing.com)

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