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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Once The Ego Is Dropped That Is When You Experience True Peace

By Pamela J. Wells

Not caring what other people think is when you experience true peace in your life. And the only way to not care what other people think is to lose your ego. The same concept as “Die while you are alive.” You will continue to suffer and be miserable if you get upset every time someone attacks you verbally, attacks your ego, because your ego gets offended and becomes defensive. You cannot change what others do or say.

It is not about them, nor is it about you. Without the ego it does not matter what they say, because you (your ego) is not important anymore. People who attack others verbally are coming from a place of ego (body-mind), the egoic state of consciousness. Like Adyashanti says, “Be a nobody.” If you are a nobody who is there to defend? Who is there to stand up for? Nobody! This is hard to swallow at first, the idea of being a nobody, because society, especially in the west, strives for recognition, accomplishment, a good reputation, pleasing others, increasing material wealth, and comparison of what one has (material objects) with what another has. So, you have a choice, continue to suffer or be a nobody.