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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Men & Women

~by Mooji (video)

There is a peace about love, a freedom to be yourself in all of your expressions. 

Still to be open for change, this is, something needs to be dynamic. Not saying this is how I am, you have to accept me as I am. When you are meaning the ego. To accept me as I am, when you are consciousness, but when you are just ego and the tendency is toward insecurities and attachments, and fears, and all of these type of things, vulnerability, fear of rejection. All of these things come into play. So, it is very important for someone, first, to focus on your own freedom, because you bring more into a relationship.

Freedom is not free in order to have a better relationship, but somehow if a relationship happens inside your freedom then it will be a very beautiful thing.

Peace Is Absence of Disturbance

 ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi Dialogues

Q: Why did the Self manifest as this miserable world?

A: In order that you might seek it. Your eyes cannot see 
themselves. Place a mirror before them and they see themselves.
Similarly with creation.

'See yourself first and then see the whole world as the Self.'

Q: So it amounts to this - that I should always look within.

A: Yes.

Q: Should I not see the world at all?

A: You are not instructed to shut your eyes to the world. 
You are only to 'see yourself first and then see the whole 
world as the Self'. If you consider yourself as the body the 
world appears to be external. If you are the Self the world 
appears as Brahman.

Q: What is the best way to work for world peace?

A: What is the world? What is peace, and who is the worker?
The world is not in your sleep and forms a projection of your
mind in your jagrat [waking state]. It is therefore an idea and
nothing else.

Peace is absence of disturbance. The disturbance is
due to the arising of thoughts in the individual, which is only 
the ego rising up from pure consciousness.

To bring about peace means to be free from thoughts and to
abide as pure consciousness.

If one remains at peace oneself, there is only peace everywhere.

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