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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Let It All Fall Away

If you feel good about yourself it is easy to feel bad about yourself. When we wake up to our true nature it all falls away. Its not just the negative that falls away. There’s only one thing better than I’m bad or I’m good and that’s I am. Only something as insane as a human being would ever ask themselves if I am good.

You don’t find oak trees having existential crisis. I feel so rotten about myself. I don’t produce as many acorns as the one next to me. I’m not as beautiful. A branch broke off last year, or whatever. Could you imagine if the natural world around you did that? What a disaster! If you walked past a flower and didn’t acknowledge it; that you could just ruin its whole day, or if they could talk.

You go to one of those beautiful rose bushes. Just think of the disaster if you had to be worried about, if I smelled this rose…sniff…sniff, and I think, gosh that’s beautiful, but if I don’t smell the rose next to it I’m going to insult it. It would be insane!

You would think, my God the whole world went insane, when actually, no its fine. It’s us! We’re insane! We are the ones that do the very things we laugh at. That’s why we laugh about it, because when we are in our separateness, the illusion of separateness, then all of this is very important. This is what falls away. It begins to fall away when we start to realize the truth of our being. We’re not good or bad. We’re one! We’re all one!

~by Adyashanti