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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Old Way of Thinking Did Not Work & Still Does Not Work.

The old way of thinking did not work and still does not work. Ego, self absorption, narcissism, belittling others to raise oneself to a superficial, mentally perceived illusory idea of self, competition, and on and on. All of these afflictions of the mind did not work and still, to this day, does not work. It only creates division, problems, stress, emptiness, and a superficial high that lasts all of 2 seconds.

If one chooses to remain in an egoic state of consciousness then they have chosen to separate themselves from others and will continue to cause their own suffering. Look at our society! It is one, big ball of ego, of backwards thinking, that creates division and turmoil.

Whether others do not change is irrelevant. Acting, reacting to the ego in others keeps our society where it is at and keeps us on an individual, personal level miserable. Peace starts from within each individual person. 

This peace from within us is the only way that people can and will come together. Fighting for peace doesn’t work. Fighting with others, verbally or otherwise, to make a point about peace is placing expectations on others to change, so that people will unite, obviously does not work. Fighting only creates more fighting, within oneself and with others. Thinking about peace does not bring peace. 

Peace cannot be brought or thought. It is felt. It is natural. The mind and the ego interferes with peace. 

Each person has the ability to be at peace and it has absolutely nothing to do with anyone else. Living a life from a place of ego hurts only that person. Anyone who attaches themselves to that person, who is living in an egoic state of consciousness, will suffer along with them. As Wayne Dyer said, “Surround yourself with high energy people.” To add to that: be a high energy person that comes from a place of love and kindness.


Anything or anyone who offends you shines a light on your insecurities and ego, waking you up to go within and to LET GO of thoughts that you are less than or greater than others. This is your ego and insecurities wanting to be accepted by others.

What they say to or about you has nothing to do with you. It has to do with them, Period. End of story. What they say or think is irrelevant. What  you say or think is relevant. Because, either you allow yourself to be at your natural state of peace, your true nature, or you allow your thoughts to control you, labeling yourself and others. 

Silence Your Mind. 
Thoughts About This, That, or The Other Won’t Bring You Peace.  

Remember, the old way of thinking did not work and still does not work. Remember that when you are struggling with yourself or others.

~Written by Pamela J. Wells

Relationship With Thought ~ Adyashanti

That state of consciousness that is not caught in the compulsive state of mind, compulsive thinking, that state of consciousness which is outside of compulsive thinking, that is the state of awakening. That is the state of enlightenment. That's why they call it pure consciousness. It's just pure. It's pure perception. Pure awareness. No compulsive labeling. To most human beings we have to label everything. Everything is good or bad or beautiful or ugly or everyone is right or wrong or safe or not safe.

~by Adyashanti
Our True Self
"We need to tear down the house of the ego and dig under its foundations in our unconscious to find the treasure of our true Self."

~ Rumi ~