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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Peace, Love, & Unity Shatters the Illusion of Separateness

~by Pamela J. Wells
January 6, 2011

Anything that does not involve love, peace, and unity in the world that we live in; in our hearts, thoughts, and our verbal expressions towards one another is an illusion that pulls us away from our true nature and drives us further towards separation and our false perceptions that only leads us to self-destruct. Add to that a group of people who come together with these false perceptions and you have pain, suffering and even worse war! As Mother Teresa once said, "I will never attend an anti-war rally. If you have a peace rally, invite me." Debates are for politicians! What is there to debate if you have peace and love in your heart for everyone?

Discrimination towards others originates from ego, competition, and separateness. Peace within yourself cannot come from discrimination, from ego. It only brings about distaste and dissatisfaction, which only has room for judgment. When we put others down, you will notice that one can find anything about another person to put down. It may be verbally or by our actions or inactions.

It can be about anything: another’s race, culture, gender, handicap, social class, that someone has a lower formal education than oneself, that one’s job doesn’t pay as much, making a comment about a person being ugly from ones perception of what is considered beautiful or ugly, or putting down someone who has a different religion than oneself or because they are not religious, so you believe that something is wrong with them, that they are not on the right path.

Judgment is a never-ending vicious cycle, that only takes the focus off of your insecurities and what you consider your faults instead of seeing beyond the illusion of separateness. Ego and competition with others creates a never-ending pursuit of seeing who can make it to the top the fastest, so the empty ego will feel fulfilled, which it never does, so the never-ending pursuit continues.

Remove the Mask of Ego & Separateness.

Labels that you put on others are labels that can be put on you.

Others can label and judge you because you are a different race than them, you have a different culture, you are in a lower social class, you have a lower education, you have a lower paying job, you are not physically beautiful in their eyes and from what they perceive as physically beautiful. These are only judgments that further divides people into separate categories. How can you only love some people and not others?

It all stems back from the ego that was learned as a child. Insecurity with oneself can feed the ego to look for something to discriminate against about others in order for oneself to feel less insecure. When this is a futile endeavor that does not fill you up, does not make you feel good or better, but that further divides you from others and leaves you empty inside.

You may get a false and superficial feeling that you feel better when actually your ego feels better. You are still empty inside. The ego is like a double edged sword. It not only hurts the other person, but it hurts you as well. Division from others does not fill your heart with joy or happiness or oneness. It sucks the love right out of your heart and feeds the ego, an illusion of worthiness and separateness.

Many times people like it when they are told that they have a big ego. They think that it validates their worthiness, their superiority over others, that it makes them important, and makes them stand out from others. It does make them stand out from others.

No one wants to be around someone who has a big ego. They either avoid the person or they try to compete with them by trying to prove how much better they are than the other person. They stand out from others not in a good way. They are alone and empty inside, craving attention, but they cannot find it.

Labels that you put on others are labels that can be put on you by other people who are a different race than you, who have a different culture than yours, that are in a higher social class than you, that have a higher education, that have a better paying job than you, and their perception of who and what is beautiful and what is ugly is their judgment further dividing people into separate categories.

Just being as nature is, as a flower is, and not judging everything and everyone brings about peace and unity.

Everyone should remove the mask of ego and have love and compassion for one another, especially those who are suffering, who are dying, or who are in poverty and take action, helping one another to no longer suffer, to no longer die when it is preventable, and to help others, so that they no longer have to live in poverty. You never know, you may find yourself suddenly homeless or worrying about how you are going to make it day by day, week by week, providing for your family.

We are all here together!

There is an abundance of food, money, and love here for everyone! What we all need is to share and have compassion and love for one another regardless of one’s race, culture, handicap, social class, belief or non-belief.

Let us all love one another; together with peace, love, and unity, we can shatter the illusion of separateness!