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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Being Selfless

By Pamela J. Wells

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By Pamela J. Wells

Oneness sounds nice when it is spoken or written, but if you let your “Personal” beliefs get in the way of connecting to others, then you are still playing on the monkey bars of the mind, better known as the ego, which becomes firmly attached to and stuck on spiritual concepts and terminology. If you spend your time being a right fighter then your living in ego land. Oneness (or non-duality) does not come from the mind and all of its concepts and beliefs.

Oneness Just Is. Anything beyond that and you have to take a step back and ask your Self, “Is what I am thinking or saying based on reality or delusion?” The mind spins out delusion as easy as breathing air, which results in the illusion of separation, which creates and perpetuates unnecessary suffering.

It is impossible to embrace oneness—to embrace all, when our mind and our thoughts are already fragmented, dissected—where we have been actively compartmentalizing people into who we like/dislike, agree with/disagree with, who we have the same beliefs as or different beliefs from. “We Are One” suddenly disintegrates when your belief doesn’t coincide with mine.

The first step in coming close to embracing and living oneness is to embrace the fact that there are many beliefs and cultures in the relative world and that is ok. Fighting over beliefs is ludicrous and futile. The more you fight, the stronger the belief becomes. The more you embrace, unconditionally, the more peace is allowed to be at its natural state.

Being Selfless

IS About

Being Kind, Compassionate, Giving, Sharing, Loving, Caring, Accepting, Peaceful, Embracing All


NOT About

My Concept Versus Yours, My Belief vs. Yours, Who’s Right/Who’s Wrong, Creating Separation

That’s Ego Land

If you want recognition, want to impress others and prove your rightness or righteousness and others wrongness or perceived misperceptions, what have you really accomplished? You have successfully created a wedge between you and the rest of humanity. Your oneness is personal. It is merely a concept within your bubble of oneness or beliefs, within your egoic mind that cannot even see reality. If we get too high on our spiritual pedestals, we actively create separation. We are like a kite that has gotten away from us. Our notions cause us to lose sight of reality, the oneness of life. And, instead of embracing each other in the relative world—we reject, deny, oppose—according to our own conditioned thoughts and beliefs.

If you want to make a difference in the world, if you want to see more peace in the world and see more caring, love, and kindness—be kind, be caring, be loving, be compassionate, be peaceful, give, help, be unconditionally supportive, be selfless in your interactions.

Leave your concepts and beliefs at the door. If they don’t jive with someone else’s—that is ok. Accept it! Otherwise you will suffer and you will create conflict with other people, who will also suffer, which defeats selflessness and oneness to begin with.

Remain in awareness, where there is nothing to defend or project. If you want peace, remain in awareness and choose silence over the need to project and defend opinions, beliefs and judgments, unless you enjoy suffering, then continue to fight the right fight. You either live a selfless life in peace and joy or you create conflict and discord—suffering.

Image: A Galactic Spectacle - hubblesite.org