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Friday, July 8, 2011

Immaculée Ilibagiza, Author of Left To Tell

Wayne Dyer talks about this inspirational true story.
I have come to know Immaculée very, very well over the past year—in fact, we communicate on a daily basis. She’s traveled with me, speaking on the same stage and telling her story to audiences that number in the thousands. We’ve talked privately for hour after hour about her experiences in the holocaust and her ambitions today, and I’ve spent time with her and her family. I’ve spoken with her co-workers and even her fellow genocide survivors, and she’s spent a great deal of time with my own children. I’ve conversed with her during long plane and train rides between lecture stops, and I’ve seen her stand before audiences large and small. In fact, I've come to love and admire her so much that I’ve dedicated my latest book, Inspiration, to her.

Despite the hideous display of humans’ inhumanity to each other that was taking place only a decade or so ago in the country of Rwanda, this is truly a love story in the purest sense of the word—a story of the triumph of the human spirit, a story of one woman’s profound faith and determination to survive (against literally impossible odds) in order to tell her tale and to be an agent for ushering in a new spiritual consciousness, and a story of a love for God that was so strong that hatred and revenge were forced to dissolve in its presence.

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