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Monday, April 16, 2012

Living Life On Emotional Auto-Pilot

By Pamela J. Wells

When you live your life on emotional auto-pilot, you react to everything. Everything that is said to you affects you personally and emotionally. This is due to your identity being wrapped up in what other people think about you. You are impacted greatly by how they speak to you and how they treat you, so when someone is kind to you, you are on top of the world, but when someone treats you badly, says unkind things to or about you, you crumble. 

You are like a tiny boat floating in the middle of the ocean, when there is a storm, you are beaten and battered by it, but when it is a sunny day and the waters are calm, you feel the energy of the sun’s rays and feel calm and peaceful inside. The waves of the ocean represent everything external to you and the boat represents the idea that you have formulated about yourself, about who you think you are, your false self that you imagine to be your true self, your ego. When the storm hits and crashes up against your idea, your thoughts, your faulty and false perceptions of yourself becomes injured. You start analyzing the situation, comparing that experience with your past experiences, and here comes the sea of emotions. When you have low self-esteem, you are effected by everything that people say to or about you. You are like an injured bird that never healed. Every blow to you, revalidates the way that you feel about yourself.

You have to get rid of the faulty and false ideas that you have about yourself, that you have formulated over the years. Drop any labels that you have given yourself or that others have attached to you. Regardless of what you think about yourself and your negative past experiences, you have to detach yourself from identifying yourself as anything, as this or that. Do not attach anything to your name that was given to you at birth. When you attach anything to your name, that is when you suffer. 

Just Be
As Your True Nature Is,
No Attachments,
Just Pure Awareness.

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