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Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Mind Is Filled With Logic, But Lacks Wisdom.

By Pamela J. Wells

The mind can never know truth. Beliefs are merely notions about truth. Beliefs are mind-made, man-made, not truth. Truth cannot be found  through the mind, through thinking. A mind that divides, categorizes, and dissects is self-centered, delusional—the egoic state of consciousness. Transcend the mind to become one with the source, life force, consciousness—pure, absolute awareness.

As long as one separates themselves from others, mentally and physically, they will continue to suffer and live a miserable life. Let go of all notions and beliefs about this or that, let go of opinions, judgment, let go of thoughts—and the wall of separation suddenly vanishes, and all that is left is pure joy and peace.

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