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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Worry & Fear: Let It Go

By Pamela J. Wells
Published: January 25, 2012

Constantly worrying about problems or other people sabotages, not only your peace and joy, but it sabotages the peace and joy of those who are around you, especially the person with whom you are worrying about. It creates overwhelming feelings of anxiety and stress.

Worrying about problems does not change the problem, it changes you. It causes unnecessary stress, mentally, emotionally, and physically—creating fertile ground for psychological and physical ailments, such as anxiety, depression, and disease. When you are constantly worried about someone, you are not only creating unnecessary stress for yourself, but you are creating unnecessary stress for the person with whom you are worrying about. You want them to be happy, but you sabotage their happiness through your worry and fear, such as the fear that something bad might happen to them; whether it be your kids or other loved ones.

You Have To Let It Go.
Let Go of Fear & Let Go of Worry.

When you are struggling with a problem, but you do not know how to handle it or what to do or if you should do anything, continuing to think about it will not bring the solution. The mind creates blocks. You have to silence your mind and become still. When you let go, surrender to it completely. You will be overcome with feelings of peace and contentment.

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