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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Egoic Suicide

~by Pamela J. Wells

The ego is holding the rope and giving you a choice, either me (the ego, the imagined false self) or your physical body. Either way, it is a death; but the egoic mind trained and programmed like a computer, has delusional thoughts of worthlessness and the need for acceptance, which is based upon false delusional societal norms.

From the individual to the collective, our sick egoic state of consciousness poisons the air that we breathe. With each breath we take, we mentally and verbally, shoot double-edged swords out of our mouths, penetrating us and those with whom we intend them for.

We act as if suffering is our birthright and we will defend it with all our might if and until we hit rock bottom, and when we hit rock bottom, we either awaken and allow the ego to die by seeing our own delusionally ego created thoughts (initially, formulated in the mind and then made visible through physical, material constructs); or, we allow the ego to kill us, first mentally and emotionally, and then, ultimately, by killing our body by way of our own hands.

Awaken, consciously, and let the ego (the false self) die, or continue to sleep while awake, unconsciously, and let the ego live. Awaken or suffer, it is your choice. Awaken and fully live your live, or remain asleep and continue to suffer. It is your choice, not societies. You are in control. You always have been in control. You just didn’t know it.

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