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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Conscious Connection

~by Pamela J. Wells

We need to be conscious of how we communicate with others; how we communicate with people with whom we have just met or only engaged in a few words with, such as our interactions with cashiers or other people who are in service jobs. We need to be conscious of how we communicate with people we do know, friends and family.

We have to ask ourselves, "Am I communicated to others from a source of ego, from a place where I am further separating myself from others and creating disharmony, or am I communicating with others from a source of conscious awareness, where all that arises comes from that place of emptiness, that higher awareness, where biases and perceptions do not come into play, where there is only love and kindness?"

Our connection with each other lies, first, on that invisible, spiritual plane; and then on the physical plane of what we see, where how we communicate with each other can either create an illusion of separateness, an invisible wall that appears real, or we can communicate from our natural state of being, our true nature, that shines in the presence of each other. It comes from an unconditional place, where it does not matter how the other person responds. Let your light shine, and in doing so you allow the other person the space to shine as well.

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