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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Different Religions & Beliefs

~by Pamela J. Wells

If we accepted and respected the fact that there are different beliefs and religions in the world without fighting about which belief/religion is correct and which one is not correct, that would drop the wall of separation between people and maybe, just maybe there would be more peace in the world.

Fighting over beliefs is all just a big ball of the egoic state of consciousness. I’m right, your wrong—is at the kindergarten level of thinking and consciousness.

On a superficial level it is easy to judge and argue and fight over religion or beliefs, yet let's get back to what it is really all about. Under all of that superficial nonsense, it is really all about coming together and being accepting of each other, regardless of what each person believes or does not believe.

Until we get past our own delusional ways of interacting and communicating with each other, history will continue to repeat itself, from generation to generation, from society to society. There is a deeper dimension underneath all of that madness.

Belief/religion should be about love, not just for a select few. If a belief or religion is not based on love or it is not communicated from a place of love, then it is ego, the mind. Instead of fighting verbally or otherwise there should be compassion, giving, and helping those who need help the most; those who are suffering, hungry, or poor.

I truly believe that there is an Ego God out there masked as belief.

When the mouth opens to speak, does it attack or does it love? That is the question.

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