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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Storyline of Me & My Life - Egoic Sense of Self ~by Eckhart Tolle

You can be so aligned with this moment that thought is no longer needed and you haven’t gone to sleep and you are more awake than you would be if you were thinking; just an alert presence. We could call it the awakening of intelligence.

When you are aware of the gap between two sentences or two words there’s a gap in your thought stream, because you’re paying attention to the gap of stillness. And that is the new state of consciousness that is now emerging on the planet; emerging in you. A state in which you are no longer trapped in mental noise and a state in which you no longer have a sense of who you are in the mental noise in the head.

You don’t derive your sense of identity any longer from thought, from the story that your mind is telling you who you are, the story line of me and my life. We are going beyond that narrow, confined, personalized sense of self, which humans have lived in for so long.

So, it’s a shift in identity that’s taking place here. Humans have been trapped for many thousands of years in an egoic sense of self. And that consists of an accumulation of mental content. Humans have been a content based species. That means deriving the sense of who they are from the content of their mind. 

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