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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chasing Enlightenment – A Never-Ending Pursuit

He didn’t wake up because he found what he was chasing. He woke up because his chasing burned itself out. He didn’t find rest because he found rest as something out there. He found rest, because he exhausted the seeking. And all of the sudden he stopped. It’s like someone running who is looking for rest and they get exhausted and so they can’t run. And so, for a moment, they sort of inextricably stop. And their body at the point knows “oh rest”.

Their mind doesn’t need to know rest. It’s not important, but their body knows. All that running around is not necessary. Rest, all you have to do is stop running. That’s all. Enlightenment, just stop looking around the corner for it. All those things that we think in our mind that we are chasing, stop chasing all of that. If you’re ready for this message, then a stopping will happen quite spontaneously. Enlightenment is not a mystical experience. It’s practical. It’s simple.


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