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Saturday, January 1, 2011

True Nature is Always There With or Without You.

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Everyone has their own space. It is not to detract oneself from others. It is you just being in that space; whether it is in that space with others or in that space with the self. Not with the ego, but with your true nature, which is always there no matter where you are. Not thinking, just being, brings you back to yourself. Your true nature. Which is where peace resides.

Being anywhere, coming from your true nature, no matter where you are or what is around you, undisturbed by externalities of phenomena or internalities of the mind and its endless chatter, undisturbed by perceptions, not fighting, not rejecting, not resisting, just being. That peace is felt by those around you who may be in turmoil or in a consuming state of egoic consciousness. When you are just being, you provide that space that is naturally unfilled by ego, by perceptions, by judgment, and by reactions. That space that is always there whether you are just being or not, at peace or not.

You allow that space, uncontaminated by perceptions and reactions to be felt by those around you, which allows them the opportunity to experience their being, their space, their peace. You are in that space, being, without expectations of yourself and others, whether or not those around you allow themselves to release the ego and join you in a state of being, you are always in a state of being, a state of peace; not aroused by externalities or internalities, conflict, whether inside or out. True nature is always there with or without you. True nature is effortless.

~Written by Pamela J. Wells

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