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Monday, January 10, 2011

Silence Is All Knowing

by Jarett Sabirsh

The body is a collective community of individually living cells that are all co-operating together to make a larger whole. The brain's neural network, and its thoughts and thinking are just another part of that overall cellular functioning. So, if the mind and body are working all by themselves as a result of cells doing work, why do we identify the mind's thoughts and the body's actions as being "me"?

Are we the mind and body, or are we the Energy, Life, Consciousness, Awareness within the body that is aware of itself as existing? Are we the mind and body, or are we the awareness that is watching the body/mind's automatic functioning? Are we the doer and thinker, or are we the Silent Observer?

Out of being identified with the body/mind, we are being controlled by it. We are enslaved by it because we falsely identify it as being "me". This is a part of the evolution of consciousness that we all go through. The ultimate goal of life, and really the only one worth pursuing, is to set oneself free from this false identification that creates suffering.

Silence is All-Knowing.

You are the silent, formless Awareness that is aware of the mind, its random babblings, and its irrelevant thinking. That thinking is irrelevant because silence is all-knowing, which explains perfectly why people experience sudden epiphanies and intuition in moments of inner quietude.

Epiphanies happen in the Silence of the mind, not because of the mind, but the mind likes to mistakenly take credit for those brilliant ideas that come out of seemingly nowhere. The mind thinks it "knows", but only Silence actually does.

“The Truths of Life” by Jarett Sabirsh

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