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Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Am That Emptiness Looking and Perceiving Only Itself. ~Satsang with Mooji

Mooji reads a written comment from a guest: Through the eyes of all of the creatures, I see the same emptiness. It is emptiness looking at me. I am that emptiness looking and perceiving only itself.

Mooji: This is complete. What is there that you can say? What conversation would emptiness have with emptiness?

Mooji continues reading comment: What a miraculous game. What overwhelming seeing. What peace to have finally found that to be reality.

Mooji: And then in the last part you say, “How to get firm in this?” So, the first part is the testimony arising out of the self itself. And in the last part, the mind comes in and says, “How to get firm in this?” Only when you touch this, then doubt come. So many things we accommodated, so many concepts, so many ideas. You never checked it out. How simple we absorb so many impressions.

Some ideas that you have were your friends ideas and you just took them. Ideas were passed on to you. Your grandmother, mother, father, cousins, school, society, newspaper, television, put in everything. And you are just like the conceptual dustbin. And then you imagine these are my opinions. Just you remember that, “I cannot be that. I am the one to witness this. How much has it cost me in the past to say that I am that?”

~Satsang with Mooji

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